Science-Based Natural Health Solutions

We provide natural health solutions with clinically proven results

Each product we develop is heavily researched and backed by a series of exploratory preclinical and human clinical trials. These studies are published in peer-reviewed international Medical Journals.

At Imagine Global Care, our goal is to promote long term health and well-being with innovative, natural medicine backed by strong scientific evidence and clinical study. Working jointly with Tokyo University – a Nobel Prize winning research institution – we use patented, leading-edge technology to discover, research and develop plant-based phytonutrient health solutions.

Thanks to our partnership with Tokyo University, we have successfully developed and patented two new ground-breaking processes instrumental to the advancement of the field: the Silkworm Method, which establishes a more effective measurement of immune system activity, and the Phyto-Thermal extraction process, which refines the process and enhances the quality of phytonutrient extraction.

Published studies:

Structural analysis of an innate immunostimulant from broccoli, Brassica oleracea var. italica.

Comparison Study to Determine Immunity Activation Effectiveness Produced by
Functional Food Extracts with Proposed Immunity Stimulation Effects


Dr. Hiroki Kinoshita
Dr. Seiko Misogi